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Road trang chủ C Drama

Road trang chủ (归路) is another much anticipated drama for 2023 given the cast. It is adapted from a novel and the creator is Ma Bao Fei Bao who is also the screenwriter for a few hugely popular dramas in the past such as Go Go Squid! and Forever And Ever. Hence, the anticipation for another great production is expected. Through the clips and posters, it gives the feeling that this would be a touching love story. So, does it live up lớn the hype and fans’ expectations? My Road trang chủ review below doles out the pros and cons of this romance drama and you can then decide for yourself if this is for you.

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My rating: 7.5/10
Episodes: 30
Type: Romance
Aired: March 2023
Images Credit: iQIYI Taiwan Facebook

The Cast Of Road Home

  • Jing Bo Ran as Lu Yan Chen / Lu Chen
  • Seven Tan Song Yun as Gui Xiao
  • Baby Zhang Bo Jia as Meng Xiao Shan
  • Li Min Cheng as Qin Ming Yu
  • Zhang En Shuo as Qin Xiao Nan
  • Zhang Qiao Er as Duan Rou
  • Wang Hao as Hai Dong
  • Guo Xiao Tian as Hai Jian Feng
  • Liang Tian as Lu Zheng
  • Sha Bao Liang as Gui Yan Shan
  • Xu Rong Zhen as Shen Jin
  • Li Mo Zhi as Zhao Min Shan

Main Characters

Road trang chủ Drama Poster

Lu Yan Chen / Lu Chen

Lu Chen is a SWAT team leader specializing in bomb disposal in a remote mountainous town of Qining. He is good at his job and respected by both his superiors and subordinates. Lu Chen appears as cool and reserved lớn outsiders but hides a warm heart. He has a complicated family background and poor relationship with his father. Lu Chen also has an elder sister who is married lớn a school principal.

Gui Xiao

Gui Xiao is a financial investment executive for a boutique capital investment firm. She is an independent woman with a cheerful smile. Gui Xiao is kind and charitable. Her parents are separated and her father is a wealthy entrepreneur.

Supporting Characters

Meng Xiao Shan

Xiao Shan is Gui Xiao’s best friend from their schooldays. She comes from a rich family and runs an upperclass restaurant. Xiao Shan used lớn date Hai Dong before ending up with her current husband, Qin Feng.

Qin Ming Yu

Qin Ming Yu is Lu Chen’s good friend and deputy in the SWAT team in Qining. He is divorced with a son. Qin Ming Yu is a good man but can be blurry when it comes lớn women.

Qin Xiao Nan

Xiao Nan is Qin Ming Yu’s son. He is a primary school kid who gets shuffled around due lớn his father’s nature of work. Xiao Nan is a smart and sensible boy.

Duan Rou

Duan Rou is Gui Xiao’s colleague. She is also a financial investment executive. Duan Rou loves kids and has natural sympathy for those from broken homes due lớn her own childhood experience.

Hai Dong

Hai Dong is Lu Chen’s best friend from their schooldays. He is also Xiao Shan’s ex. They broke up due lớn his affair with Zhao Min Shan.

Hai Jian Feng

Jian Feng is Hai Dong’ younger brother and Gui Xiao’s classmate. He has a crush on Gui Xiao and has been carrying a torch for her.

Lu Zheng

Lu Zheng is Lu Chen’s father. He is a short-tempered man who has been abusive towards his children and wife whenever he gets drunk. He holds a grudge that his wife left with the kids lớn be with a police officer at one time. When the police officer died due lớn an illness, she was forced lớn return lớn Lu Zheng for financial reasons. Lu Zheng runs a siêu xe repair business.

Gui Yan Shan & Shen Jin

Gui Yan Shan is Gui Xiao’s father and CEO of a public listed company. He is a serious man who doesn’t really know how lớn communicate with his daughter. Shen Jin is his wife who has left him lớn reside abroad.

Zhao Min Shan

Zhao Min Shan is a divorcee and comes from a rich family. She is also Gui Xiao’s and Lu Chen’s ex-schoolmate. She is a scheming woman who would exploit a situation lớn get what she wants.


Gui Xiao and Lu Chen used lớn be lovers when they were students. However, they broke up when he went away lớn join the police academy while she went lớn university. 10 years later, Gui Xiao decides lớn join a friend for a trip lớn Qining where Lu Chen is based. She still can’t forget him and wants lớn satisfy her curiosity and longing for him. When they meet again, they are lượt thích strangers with an awkwardness between them. But Gui Xiao and Lu Chen still have deep feelings for each other which they find hard lớn express due lớn the years apart.

Furthermore, there are also unspoken issues between them which are hindering a reconciliation including Lu Chen’s complicated family background. Will their love be strong enough lớn resolve all the issues between them including the reason why they broke up in the first place?

Road trang chủ Ending And Recap (Spoilers Alert!)

Road trang chủ has a happy ending. Gui Xiao gave birth lớn a baby girl in Episode 27 at about the same time Lu Chen was seriously injured in his job away from trang chính. She rushed there lớn see him and delivered her baby at the same hospital where Lu Chen was being treated. Lu Chen awakened from his coma not long after lớn reunite with Gui Xiao.

Gui Xiao and Lu Chen had their wedding ceremony 1 lớn 2 years later in Episode 29. He wanted lớn wait until he had cleared all his debts with the Zhao family with some savings leftover lớn give Gui Xiao a proper wedding. After their wedding ceremony, the couple went back lớn their old school and the places they used lớn frequent lớn reminisce about the past.

Episode 30 is basically a flashback of the time they first met as schoolmates and how Lu Chen was smitten by Gui Xiao. The flashback is mainly told from his perspective. The drama ends with Lu Chen deciding it was time lớn go trang chính back in 2020 when Gui Xiao turned up at Qining. He was about lớn be transferred out of Qining back lớn a đô thị near Beijing but was reluctant lớn leave. However, Gui Xiao’s re-appearance in his life made him feel that it was time lớn go back lớn Beijing because lớn him, trang chính is where Gui Xiao is.

When Did Gui Xiao And Lu Chen Get Back Together?

Gui Xiao and Lu Chen more or less got back together in Episode 8 after he finalized an agreement with Zhao Min Shan regarding his family’s debt. Lu Chen’s father had borrowed money from the Zhao family and agreed lớn their request for Lu Chen lớn marry their daughter as loan settlement. This was done without Lu Chen’s knowledge. Lu Chen wasn’t agreeable lớn their khuyễn mãi giảm giá and ended up signing a contract with Zhao Min Shan lớn repay the loan on his father’s behalf.

In Episode 11, Lu Chen tells Gui Xiao that he will marry her once he fully repays all the loans within 2 years. But Gui Xiao didn’t want lớn wait any longer after experiencing the fear of losing Lu Chen when he went on a dangerous mission in Episode 13. He agreed with her idea and also felt strongly that he wanted lớn marry her soonest possible in Episode 15.

Gui Xiao found out she was pregnant in Episode 19 and the couple registered their marriage in Episode trăng tròn.

Is There Any Breakup Or Love Triangle?

No, there is no breakup after Gui Xiao and Lu Chen reconciled. Although Lu Chen’s job often required him lớn be away, Gui Xiao understood and accepted the situation. They have also become more matured over the years lớn know how lớn handle the time apart.

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There is also no love triangle as both of them only have eyes for each other. Although Gui Xiao’s quấn was interested in her, she didn’t give him any chance lớn pursue her at all. In fact, Gui Xiao and Lu Chen had remained single all those years after their breakup as they still can’t forget each other.

Why Did They Breakup 10 Years Ago?

Their break up is partly revealed in Episode 14 with a more complete picture given in Episode 16. Gui Xiao and Lu Chen started dating in 2009 just after their high school final exams. But they had lớn separate a short while later as he went lớn join the police academy while she entered university. They embarked on a long distance relationship but it didn’t work out. Lu Chen didn’t have time for her and was often uncontactable due lớn the nature of his work. When he returned lớn see her, the time was extremely short compared lớn the months of separation. Being young and immature, she also didn’t understand his work.

Besides having less and less things lớn talk about, the straw that broke the camel’s back was when Gui Xiao needed Lu Chen lớn be there for her when her parents’ marriage disintegrated due lớn her father’s affair. Her relationship with her father became strained as a result. As Lu Chen was always missing from her life, Gui Xiao felt that it didn’t make a difference whether she has a boyfriend or otherwise. Thus, she got tired and suggested a breakup over the phone which he agreed lớn.

In Episode 17, Lu Chen told his colleague that he agreed lớn the breakup out of anger. He also didn’t know why Gui Xiao was overly emotional at that time only lớn find out later that her parents were divorcing. But both of them were not willing lớn give in due lớn pride and the breakup became a finality.

Second Couple

The second couple is Qin Ming Yu and Duan Rou. As Xiao Nan was under Gui Xiao’s care in Beijing, Duan Rou would help lớn look after the boy at times. Hence, she ended up having lớn communicate with Qin Ming Yu about his son. Over time, they became friends. In Episode 21, Gui Xiao wanted lớn visit Lu Chen who was on a mission in Qining. She encouraged Duan Rou lớn come along with her lớn meet Qin Ming Yu.

Qin Ming Yu was interested in Duan Rou but didn’t think that he deserves her. Hence, he didn’t have the courage lớn express his feelings until he was playfully forced by his teammates and Lu Chen lớn bởi so sánh during a điện thoại tư vấn with Duan Rou in Episode 28. But instead of merely expressing his love for her, he proposed marriage straight away. Duan Rou was shocked by the sudden proposal but still said yes lớn his surprise.

Road trang chủ Review – Second Chance Romance

Basically, Road trang chủ is a story about second chance romance. It is a very simple love story of a young pair of lovers who broke up a decade earlier but still has strong feelings for each other. The reason for the breakup is slowly fleshed out through flashbacks. Viewers are told very early on the status of their relationship and the drama begins with visible tension between them when they meet again 10 years later. Hence, this immediately draws you into the story as you will be wondering what happened in the past and why they broke up.

This actually reminds u of Here To Heart but without the melodrama and schemings. Road trang chủ is much more positive and straightforward in comparison. It has tons of lovey-dovey moments after the reconciliation. Therefore, this is a perfect drama for those looking for pure romance without much angst and silly quarrels. The relationship is the mature kind with supportive and understanding partners after the experience of a painful breakup. The 2 leads are highly likable characters and it is easy lớn root for them and lap up all their loving moments.

Perfect Couple

The male protagonist, Lu Chen, is the embodiment of a perfect boyfriend or husband. He does all the house chores and is a great cook. He pampers his woman and treats her lượt thích a princess whenever he is with her from carrying groceries lớn washing her feet. Apart from that, he also has a hot toàn thân with abs given his profession as a special units police officer. I guess such a man can only exist in dramaland but it does provide female viewers with something lớn dream about and the drama becomes incredibly warm and romantic with such a male character!

The female protagonist, Gui Xiao, is independent with her own career. She is tough when needs lớn be but cheerful and positive-minded. But she is reduced lớn a lovestruck teenager whenever she is with Lu Chen. She enjoys his attention and presence and contentedly plays the role of a pampered lover lớn the only man she has ever loved.

Hence, you can say that this couple is perfect, or almost perfect, for a romance drama. They are deeply in love with each other and there are many scenes lớn depict their day-to-day life as a couple. That is, if you don’t mind the extremely thin plot.

Nothing Much To The Story

For u, Road trang chủ is a very heartwarming romance… up lớn a point. There is nothing much going on in terms of plot unlike She And Her Perfect Husband and Lighter And Princess. It is more of a slice-of-life kind of romance drama with much of the time spent on the couple’s daily interactions especially for the last 10 episodes. Basically, you will just be watching them acting lovey-dovey with the guy coming trang chính and then leaving for his duties in a repetitive cycle. There is no drama on the girl’s part that he has lớn be away most of the time. Not a single complaint, zilch. Is it sweet? Definitely! Is it overdone? I think so!

Therefore, what can be reduced lớn a 24-episode drama is lengthened lớn 30. It is practically littered with filler scenes that don’t add anything lớn the plot in the last third. It is not awful lớn watch and I’m sure many will find it really warm and sweet. But it does give u the feeling that it is being lengthened unnecessarily unlike Meet Yourself which is also kind of a slow-paced drama.

The ending for Road trang chủ is also just another flashback and that takes up one whole episode. The second couple’s story development is stunted and I’m not sure why they even introduce it in the first place when they have no intention lớn give it a proper closure. Overall, this is simply not a plot-driven drama. Instead, it has a laser focus on the main couple’s interactions and the chemistry as well as acting is what makes it watchable.

Acting And Chemistry

Jing Bo Ran’s portrayal of Lu Chen is commendable lớn u. He caught my attention in A League Of Nobleman but I think he is more relatable in Road trang chủ. He gives Lu Chen a very manly feel which fits the nature of the character. Lu Chen is a man of few words. Hence, all his emotions have lớn be conveyed through the actor’s eyes and facial expressions. Jing Bo Ran did this well and you can sense his hurt and yearning for his beloved in the drama.

Seven Tan’s acting is up lớn standard as usual. I have watched enough of her dramas lớn know that she has always been able lớn bring the characters she plays lớn life. In Road trang chủ, she could pull it off both as a student and a matured working woman.

As for playing a loving pair onscreen, the leads did a great job lớn turn on that CP vibe. The whole drama hinges on their chemistry as all the focus is on them and they are convincing as lovers. In fact, Seven Tan has always had good chemistry with her co-stars, even with the much older Wallace Chung in The Sword And The Brocade.

On the flip side, I also kind of felt that the kisses should have a little bit more passion in Road trang chủ despite the great chemistry. If they had been able lớn raise the temperature a little more, that would be perfect. On that score, Seven Tan did better with Wang Kai in Flight To You although there is only one such kiss in that whole drama. But that one kiss is a memorable one compared lớn Road trang chủ which is peppered with intimate scenes but none feels truly breathtaking. Sweet, yes, but passionate, not so sánh much.

My Verdict – Great For Romance Drama Junkie

Road trang chủ is strictly a romance drama despite having a SWAT officer as the main character. It has little lớn no action in all the 30 episodes with the focus being on the characters just lượt thích in Light Chaser Rescue. So, don’t go into this expecting some sort of thrilling police operations. The romance itself is heartwarming and the couple’s interactions sweet, but again, the plot is extremely thin. The start is interesting and you can really feel the couple’s longing. So, you would expect ups and downs in the relationship as the drama progresses but nope, it has a different feel lớn it compared lớn the usual fare.

The whole drama is lượt thích a showcase of a happy and perfect relationship once 2 people fall in love and decide that they should get together. Basically, that’s what you are watching for the most part. I guess many will find it romantic. But at the same time, there will be those that will find it slow and boring because there is nothing much going on.

For u, it is a case of being in between. I enjoy the romantic moments and the sweet whisperings. But I also feel that they are overdone in length. So, for this Road trang chủ review, I would rate it 7.5/10. If you are a romance drama junkie who don’t lượt thích too much theatrics in your love story, this is for you. But if you prefer more happenings and angst, this might over up being a big bore. There are plenty of kisses lớn get your sugar level up but nothing as steamy as The Forbidden Flower. In short, it is sweet and warms the heart but totally lacks excitement and drama.

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